Sinego and Leo The Kind have joined forces for an epic release called “Lover.” With Leo The Kind on vocals, his emotions truly shine through in this emotionally-driven track.

“Lover” begins with some subtle horns and moves right into Leo The Kind’s warm, sultry vocals that persuade the listener he’s found his lover. The edgy, dramatic track features a deep house bass line, whistles, and groovy rhythms within the percussion.

After a multitude of heart breaks and self discovery, Leo The Kind had wanted to put his discoveries and knowledge of heart break out into the world. He just didn’t know how to go about it.

It was when Leo The Kind met Sinego through Egzod that “Lover” really hit the ground running and his vision became a reality. Most recently, Leo The Kind and Egzod linked up on an equally adventurous release titled “Mirage.”

“[Sinego] sent me some demos and ‘Lover’ was literally the second demo track he sent me. It was almost instant.”

Allow Sinego and Leo The Kind help you find your lover.

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