Marshmello and Lil Peep‘s collaboration on “Spotlight” was released earlier this year after Lil Peep’s unexpected passing from a drug overdose. Now, the official music video for “Spotlight” is here.

The music video was directed by Lil Peep’s friend and colleague, Nick Koenig. Koenig places the focus on the physical items that we so desperately need in our lives and how they can drastically affect a relationship. Koenig stated that “Relationships have a way of overwhelming the meaning and context of physical items to the point of hijacking them. What once was just a household item might now be something that reminds us of that relationship to a point where it overpowers what that item was traditionally meant for. These objects end up developing a shared significance between those in the relationship.”

Marshmello had to maintain Lil Peep’s vision and ensure that it was portrayed the way Lil Peep would want in this video. “For this video I just wanted what Gus would have wanted. And I think this is exactly it.”

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