Hoodboi and Tkay Maidza unleash a smooth, atypical new R&B single on Fool’s Gold Records called “Glide.”

“Glide” makes use of an authentic blend of percussion and vocal R&B elements. The four-on-the-floor rhythm allows for a different variation of modern R&B, but Maidza’s vocals firmly grasp and ensure that the feel remains persistent and the classic sound is heard. Subtle undertones of side-chained pads pump flawlessly under Maidza’s angelic vocals. The overall vibe takes the listener back to ’90s R&B while mixing in modern electronic music elements.

“Last year, I took a couple steps back to realize what’s next for the Hoodboi project. I spent the year writing music and working on new projects. I’ve never been more excited to show what’s next.”

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