Slippy is a new identity that has arisen from Slips & Slurs. The pioneering music producer has put his past in the past and slipped into his new moniker. To launch this new moniker, he’s unleashed an ominous track on Monstercat titled “Promise Me.”

For those that don’t know, the name Slips & Slurs comes from mysterious lyrics from Destroy Rebuild Until God Shows. “It’s been watching you, your slips and slurs and play on words.”

“Promise Me” is omnipresent throughout. Without unleashing an immense amount of energy at any given point, the track remains subtle and, well, promising. The atypical four-and-a-half minute track features filtered synths, pitched vocals, and a throbbing trap rhythm. Slippy most definitely promises a lot in this piece.

Alex Swartwout is the creative mind behind the Slippy moniker. His Monstercat debut was most certainly a day Swartwout will remember for the rest of his life. He followed the label for years. He was also graduating high school in Yorkville, Illinois the day of his Monstercat debut. He continues to follow his dreams by attending college for commercial music, while simultaneously working on short- and long-term goals. Writing something as a cohesive listening experience is a big goal of Swartwout’s.

As Swartwout continues to trek through the music industry, his sound also evolves. His inspiration comes from film (Interstellar being his favorite), so it will not come as a surprise if we see his name in the credits of a blockbuster smash hit one day.

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