Copyright infringements are not a new thing. Companies and artists alike continue to use copyrighted content without receiving permission first. You’d think that artists and companies like Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran, and now Mountain Dew would either 1) know better or 2) have someone that does know better and do the right thing before using the material.

During the BRIT Awards this year, Mountain Dew used an identical copy of TNGHT‘s track “R U Ready” in their commercial. The commercial highlights the soft drink company’s new Ice Lemon Lime flavor. A tweet shared by Hudson Mohawke that’s captioned “Pay ur boys @MountainDew” shows the infringing video.

Hudson Mohawke also confirmed to Uproxx that TNGHT had nothing to do with the commercial.

TNGHT came into the spotlight when Kanye West placed their track “Blood On The Leaves” in his 2013 album Yeezus. Kanye West, unlike Mountain Dew, paid for the song wholesale to gain the rights to use.

TNGHT dropped an EP back in 2012 but have been quiet ever since. The members are still releasing music as solo musicians, however.