SG Lewis has been known for his exciting combination of future bass and club; a sound unique to himself since coming on the scene in 2014. The London-based DJ and Producer continues to amaze us with his talent, especially with the release of his upcoming track “Coming Up”. His incredible sound pulls from multiple different genres that all have one thing in common: they’re ready to get you on the dance floor.

Mixed, produced and sang by Lewis himself, “Coming Up” gives listeners a funky feel that is disco and club all-in-one. The atmospheric and airy feel of the track’s opening leads the listener to a fresh drop with a beat that is sure to impress even the most experienced club-goer. The background beat and euphoric, techno vibe all come together to create a remarkable sound that is distinctive and smooth. Overall, this track puts a new spin on vintage electro that is sure to be unlike anything you’ve ever heard.

The track is a song on a three-part album, Dusk, the first-part of which is scheduled to drop on April 6th. Give “Coming Up” a listen below and see why this album is sure to be one full of excitement and euphoria.

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