Get ready for an out of body experience with Jarvis’ remix of DISKORD’s new single, “Enemy,” and Jarvis’ remix of “Stranger.” The first song glides through a beach-rave theme, with unlimited sand, sun, and musical mayhem. Sinking deeper into the bassline, fans will go wild for a taunting buildup mixed with a collision of high energy drops and a consuming come down.

The electrifying sound of “Enemy” feels like an intergalactic journey and the energy continues to the next track as well. Jarvis’ remix of “Stranger” hits with a hardcore introduction and pairs with a wholesome, cultural vibe as if snippets of DJ Snake’s “Get Low” were surfing in the background. From intriguingly bold buildups to insane bass drops, these tracks invite all listeners to dive into the madness. Stay tuned for more from DISKORD, as the Bristol based duo continues to grow and rework their sound.  

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