British electronic group Nero has something mysterious to share.

The group took to Twitter to hint at an upcoming project. “For the past decade you’ve stood by our side as Nero,” they said. “It’s now time to tell a different story.” While being signed by two of the group’s three members, the post is accompanied by the words “The Night.” This could be hinting that a new project is on the horizon.

 The Night was first mentioned in an interview with Fabric nightclub last year. At the time, Dan told them, “Alana and I have been working together on a project called The Night. It’s hard to define genre-wise but it’s definitely a very different vibe from Nero. There’s an R&B kind of vibe to some of it and slight elements of future bass. A lot of it sits at the 90 – 110 BPM mark. We’ve got an album’s worth of material in varying stages of completion, and we can’t wait for people to hear it. The first single on our EP is called ‘Different Story’ and it’s dropping this month.”

This news comes as a bit of a shock as 2017 seemed like a fantastic year for the group. With new singles under their belt and member Alana Watson announcing that she was pregnant, we are sad to see some changes happening but excited to see what these changes may bring.

For now, it’s a waiting game to see what’s next.