Although all cities have mayors, not all cities have nightlife mayors. London received a night czar in 2016 and now it’s New York’s turn.

The New York Office of Nightlife appointed Ariel Palitz on March 7th as its senior executive director, which, in simple terms, means the nightlife mayor. Palitz was a previous owner of the now defunct Sutra Lounge for 10 years in the East Village and she was also a member of the city’s Community Board 3.

This position was created to help venues and clubs around New York that have started to close down due to increased property rates and intense licensing laws.

In the New York Times, Palitz claims, “you can’t crush culture—or subculture—in New York. It just goes deeper and longer. New York culture and nightlife still thrive in a very real way. It’s just going to find its new place.”

We’re excited to see what Palitz has to offer and we’re hoping this leads to an even more fun and safe nightlife in the big apple!

(Your EDM)