La Bamba” is a staple in Latin pop and rock music. Now, Skull N Tones places a forceful trap flip on the classic.

This slamming trap flip of “La Bamba” kicks off with the original being run through a little filtering. At the 30-second mark, Skull N Tones take over and manipulate the vocal and unleash one helluva trap drop. It’s filled with pitched bass, stuttering vocal chops, and energetic percussion. This is a flip that’s not for the light-hearted.

Skull N Tones is a musical movement and international collective of artists and dancers from the United States and Europe. It started as a production duo in New York City by producing instrumentals for underground hip-hop artists like Brooklyn Academy and Steven King. They’ve since transitioned into a much more grimy electronic dance music style after they partnered with clothing brand, Nuff Said.

The collective’s sole purpose and mission is to create a platform where people can lose their identity and let their souls show by dancing their faces off. Check out the epic flip and movement.

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