JACSIN and Acacia have come together for a cunning emotional piece called “I Surrender.” The track also has official remixes from Novaspace and A-Peace.┬áIn 2016, they released “Don’t Need You Now” and “Diamonds.”

“I Surrender” begins with subtle strings, pads, and Acacia’s angelic vocals. The talented duo introduce blissful synths, deep percussion that radiates with the soul, and monumental transition effects. “I Surrender” is a track that will hit you directly in the heart strings.

Furthermore, “I Surrender” has received official remixes from Novaspace and A-Peace. Novaspace has previously collaborated with Australian DJ, producer, songwriter, and phenomenon, tyDi. Their remix keeps the blissful atmosphere and vibes while placing a more upbeat rhythm to this emotional track.

Tordy Jack and Vanand Sinanian are the two American songwriters behind the JACSIN alias. They played an important role in developing the pop/rock group Lovers Make Liars. The group performed at Warped Tour and opened for the Los Angeles Galaxy.

Check out “I Surrender” and vibe with JACSIN and Acacia.

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