Forthcoming ghostly trio Hi I’m Ghost released their diverse Ghost Boogie EP. It’s the only dubstep group that’s lead by the ghost of a child.

“When I hired Nathan and Tiago to be in my group, they were good, but this is my favorite track yet. It’s MY Boogie! It’s super fun getting in the studio with my friends.” -Ghost, Hi I’m Ghost

The transparent trio start off the Ghost Boogie EP with “Pow Pow.” It begins with an eerie arpeggio and sliding synths that meticulously flow into industrial percussion. The drop swivels into a metallic synth onslaught with a drumstep rhythm. The unforgiving nature of these aggressive synths isn’t for the weak-minded, as it continues into “Ghost Boogie.” This time around, distorted guitars introduce the epicness. Screeching synths and bottomless basses are equally as colossal in “Ghost Boogie.” This is an EP that takes preparation before listening.

Hi I’m Ghost is comprised of Nathan Davis, a lifelong musician, and Tiago Nunez, an audio engineer. They’ve received support from industry heavyweights like Snails, Space Jesus, and Riot Ten.

“‘Pow Pow’ has been so much fun to play out at our shows. It’s was awesome seeing the fans react to this in such a positive way before it was even released.” -Nathan, Hi I’m Ghost

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