Mad Decent has released Republic Records rhymer Nessly and Boombox Cartel‘s future trap number “Moon Love.” This is Americo Garcia and Jorge Medina’s (Boombox Cartel) 2018 sophomore single via Diplo‘s imprint, with five more on the way.

Their March 2nd future bass air “Whisper” accentuated Nevve‘s sunny disposition, laying the first stone and stealing the hearts of more than 200,000 SoundCloud listeners. Move over synth-laden drop: Nessly’s suave modulation in “Moon Love” rests on beefy kick drums, hi hat rolls and hissing 808 claps.

“We’re hyped to take our fans on an intergalactic journey through the trap galaxy with ‘Moon Love,'” stated Medina and Garcia. “Thanks to our friend Nessly for killing this record.”

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