Audibly disrupting and powerful bass duo YOOKiE have unleashed their latest beast, “Project 9,” from its cage on Bassrush Records. This original is equally as heavy as collaborations with Slander, Black Tiger Sex Machine, and Wooli were from last year. Additionally, it marks the brotherly duo’s first release of 2018.

Deep brass stabs, edgy arpeggios, and eerie winded instruments flood the intro to this decimating track. “Project 9” doesn’t hold back during the drop. It pulverizes the contrasting high- and low-end with bottomless bass and ear-shattering synths.

“When we think about this track, we hear a giant wall of bass pounding through our nipples. ‘Project 9’ represents our bass music mantra from its very core – to have this record selected by Bassrush is a great honor. We are super stoked!” -YOOKiE

YOOKiE is prepared to dominate the speakers and crowds during festival season. They recently announced their first appearance for EDC Las Vegas. They’ve also had two compilation lead tracks. The first one was from Deadbeats and the other from Jauz and Josh Pan for the Bite This! compilation.

Noiseporn recently sat down with YOOKiE for an exclusive interview.

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