Miami natives Booyah Riot come together for a future bass ballad that follows a millennial romance across lush synths, sparkling melodies and more.

Lewis “Wilemind” Farsedakis, Mitchell “Kong” Domenech and Jovany “Gio” Black meld R&B-inspired vocals with pop friendly vibes for a radio-ready groove. The track follows their recent remix of Taylor Swift’s “Ready For It,” which saw them explore more of a trap sound. They continue to expand their repertoire with unique, powerful and genre-defying singles, and we can’t wait to hear what’s next for the trio. 

“‘Sedated”’follows a millennial romance. A guy so intoxicated by a girl that he can only compare their time together as being high. She makes him feel like he wants to give her everything and never wants to come down. He wants to binge on time spent with her, addicted to her, like an addiction to drugs.” – Booyah Riot 

Booyah Riot will be performing at No Sugar Added on March 24th for Miami Music Week as support for Don Diablo.

Get high on “Sedated” below.

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