Spotify has just unveiled a new tool named Line-In. This new tool, which is a music metadata editor, is being implemented because of an ongoing effort by Spotify to ensure the accuracy or their music library. Line-In will allow subscribers to suggest edits to the listed information next to artists, albums, and songs. Suggested edits will then be reviewed and ranked.

Line-In is Spotify’s new tool to become a more knowledgeable music platform. With the help of subscribers, Spotify will identify track genres, artist aliases, and more to provide a more accurate and concise music database. “Listeners describe music in different ways, and understanding that information will help improve, extend, and confirm the information that describes music on Spotify,” said a Spotify spokesperson to Variety. “We hope to better understand how Spotify listeners interpret music, so that we can improve experiences for both listeners and artists.”

Learn more about Line-In and add the tool here.