Ottawa native Maxd and London lyricist Osquello bare trip-hop track “Don’t Close Your Eyes” via Majestic Casual. Osquello drew theoretical inspiration and dialogue sampling from cult classic Donnie Darko; his death-defying bars infiltrate Maxd’s bass-heavy, ’90s drum loop.

NEST HQ, Your EDM, Pilerats, EARMILK and TrapStyle covered Maxime Trippenbach’s (Maxd) prior releases “Sleepy,” “Try Again” and “Words.” Trippenbach’s LoneMoon collaboration “Jungle” appeared on “Heroic Sessions – #051.” Fabiano Lewis’ (Osquello) November 2017 single “Projectdon’tdie” featuring Columbia Records songster Declan McKenna scored more than 145,000 Spotify streams.

“I was heavily influenced by the dark garage sound that Burial has, as well as his sampling technique with video game soundtracks” said Maxd. “I sampled a video game named ‘SOMA.'”

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