Life is full of unknowns. There are times that we’re feeling on top of the world. The next day we’re at the lowest point in our lives. We often don’t intend or plan on these extreme lows (or highs), but they’re what keep life interesting. Wilsonn‘s latest emotional track, “Even If I Know,” is about those highs and lows we gratefully need and unintentionally fall into.

“Even If I Know” calmly begins with soothing pads, emotional vocals, and distant reverb effects that gracefully stroke the mood of the piece. Wilsonn has traveled the country to perform in front of thousands of people. His vast experience in doing so is compiled into “Even If I Know.” This is a track that’s about those ups and downs that life throws at you when you’re least expecting it.

“It can be quite easy to write music with up beat synths about how good life is. However, it’s when it all comes crashing down when you really start to write the music that got you into this in the first place.” – Wilsonn

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