Galo Rodriguez, the man in control of the Captain. moniker, is continuing his trek across the electronic music scene. His latest remix of G-Eazy and Halsey‘s “Him & I” commands respect. If received, your wish is his command, and you’ll get a flood of wavy synths and heavy basses.

Rodriguez’s many years as a musician have placed him at the forefront of a scene that desperately craves creativity. He has multiple years of music theory, nine years of guitar, four years on saxophone, and a handful more on drums, piano, and bass. This experience in a myriad of instruments and music theory has allowed him to dabble in just about every electronic genre, including house, trap, hip-hop, alternative, and everything in-between.

Rodriguez has recently launched a new moniker called Captain. to further expand his electronic music horizons and dive deeper into the electronic music industry.

Captain. has already supported artists like Jauz, Borgeous, Slander, Showtek, SNBRN, Ookay, and many more. He has an exponential amount of potential, and it will be exciting to see which way he steers his ship.

Connect with Captain.: SoundCloud / Facebook