All throughout March, the music scene has seen an influx of smooth beats and exciting hip-hop and rap crossovers. Alexander Lewis’ new track “Wassup” featuring MadeinTYO and S’natra gives listeners a taste of all that and more. The LA-based producer comes off of an already impressive year following the success of his recent song “Clockwise” featuring Nick Row. As he continues to make waves within the hip-hop genre, Alexander is quickly becoming a staple within the music industry, impressing everyone with his unique emphasis of versatility within his production.

Setting the stage for a catchy hook from MadeinTYO, Alexander provides a versatile beat combined with a rapid pace that sets the exciting mood for the track. S’natra then steps in and delivers what can only be described as a standout verse that contributes to the creativity of this stellar track. The overall background beat provided by Lewis creates a perfect setting for both rappers to combine their unique sounds in a way that emphasizes both hip-hop and rap.

Check out “Wassup” below and see why all of us here are ready to see what else Alexander Lewis has in store for us in 2018.

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