The Weeknd is back, and it seems he’s revisiting his dark side reminiscent of his 2011 mixtape House of Balloons, with his fourth studio album My Dear Melancholywhich comes as a six-track masterpiece that speaks to broken relationships that we can all relate to. On top of this the album flaunts an incredible roster of talent from the French techno artist Gesaffelstein, the one and only Skrillex, Mike WiLL Made-it, Daft Punk‘s Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo, Nicolas Jaar and more. Now if the name dropping itself doesn’t rush you into hitting play, then let’s dive a little deeper into the work.

The Weeknd has become known for his delicate, yet powerful, voice and outstanding vocal range that evokes emotions from his effortless riffs to his expert songwriting. My Dear Melancholy, (yes the comma is part of the title) is no exception to that and it seems as if this album was torn straight from the back pages of his journal and revealed to the world to help heal his heartbreak. The tracks are riddled with atmospheric pads, muted piano and minimal percussion that allows for Abel’s voice to slide like butter on toast over the productions, which really allow him to convey his messages without distraction.

From the beginning of the album with “Call Out My Name” and “Try Me,” Abel seems hopeful as many would be in a troubled relationship … saying “Call out my name … I’ll be on my way” and “I’m ready to go all the way if you let me.” By “Wasted Times” and “I Was Never There,” the relationship has clearly ended and now he is left to ponder his relationships and yearns a connection with someone, but is struggling to put his heart on the line just to get it broken again. This then leads to “Hurt You,” which is somewhat of a vengeance track, hoping that they see him when they close their eyes, but still alludes to the fact that he wouldn’t be able to resist them if they called him up, but that it wouldn’t be in the sense of a relationship. Lastly, he wraps up the album with “Privilege,” which is somewhat of a peace offering and the last statement to say while it hurts, with a little bit of time he will be okay.

Rather than speculating who this could be about, take a couple minutes to listen to the tracks and feel the emotion that is engulfed in all of it. Because he’s not the only one who has had his heart broken and music is supposed to be the place where we get to express ourselves and, in the process, hopefully help other people through their same struggles. So with that being said, dive into this work and try to be a light to someone who might be feeling the same way this Weeknd.

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