In an article by Architectural Digest, Zedd revealed everything that there is to know about his new $16 million home.

Apparently, the superstar producer has had a thing for architecture for quite a while now. For his new mansion, which he moved into this past fall, all of the interior design was done by none other than Anton Zaslavski himself. Citing his love for symmetry, his very “specific taste” and being inspired by Instagram findings, Architectural Digest praises his home as a “modern architecture lover’s dream.”

In a video tour, Zedd shows off a beautiful view of Beverly Hills, an expansive pool area, the distinct architectural intricacies, a custom skittle machine and quite a lot more.

While the odds of ever being invited into the 9,400-square-foot house are next to nothing for the overwhelming majority of the public, you can watch the video below:

(Architectural Digest)