The LA-based electro-pop firecracker alxxa is a newcomer to my world and boy, am I happy she showed up. She recently released her debut four-track EP, body, which is a journey through a break-up that masterfully demonstrates her impeccable songwriting and robust voice that commands your attention. The tracks are seductively crafted giving you just enough electronic elements to keep the energy, but keeping it simple enough to allow her voice to be the main element.

“This EP is about moving on from a relationship. It kind of covers all the stages: grief, denial, anger, acceptance… with a fair bit of sass sprinkled in. “Swerve” has a sassy, angry spunk to it; we all HATE it when someone twists our words into something we didn’t mean. “Burn to Dust” is a very emotional song for me, covering that low point during a break up…where you truly manipulate yourself into the irrational fear that you cannot possibly live without the other person. “Icy Love” is getting towards acceptance, recognizing you deserve better than the shitty love you have been receiving from this person. Finally, “Body” means, well, you are ready to get it on again.”

To top it all off, she not only is a great songstress but also an amazing drawer. Her Instagram is peppered with illustrations that catch the eye and compliment her pink hair to perfection. If this is only the beginning for alxxa, I can’t wait to see what she has in store for us next.

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