Brooklyn-based Esseks is an electronic music producer who’s pushing the limits of modern day dubstep. His newest forthcoming EP, A Hole In The Fourth Wall, is the prime example of that.

“Tunnels” with Wax Future starts out small but very quickly swells to something much larger by way of gritty basses, high synths and a moombahton feel and groove. A guitar-like riff molded into a synth melody pulverizes the higher register while carrying a strong emotion throughout and adding an incredible edge to the track.

The forthcoming EP features seven meticulously produced tracks that superbly blend Esseks’ experimental, fluid sound and unique samples with throbbing bass lines. The sonically pleasing EP has a little something for all bass lovers. To pair with his music, Esseks designs all of his own artwork, thus creating the perfect combination of sonic and visualized art.

A Hole In The Fourth Wall will be out on Liquid Stranger‘s Wakaan label on April 6, 2018.

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