Having gave up his dreams of becoming a professional baseball player due to a health scare, TLUXX turned to his other passion: music. He made good use of his time off during his recovery to learn the ins and outs of electronic music at the profound ICON Collective music production school. Talk about being productive and proactive…

Originally from a small town in New Mexico and currently based in Los Angeles, California, TLUXX’s talents have landed him opportunities to share the stage with artists like Headhunterz, Zomboy, CandyLand, Party Favor, and many more.

His latest progressive house collaboration with Brett Pemberton, “We Weren’t Born To Lose,” is in memory of those that were killed, wounded, and affected by the Harvest 91 music festival massacre, which took place in October of 2017. The massacre killed 58 people and wounded nearly 600.

“We Weren’t Born To Lose” encourages us to stick together and continue the good fight against hate. Brian (TLUXX) and Brett met a few months prior to the Harvest 91 massacre. Brett and his wife are survivors of the attack. They hid from the gunfire behind cars, jumped fences, ran, and were eventually saved by a stranger. Brett told Brian that he and his wife made it back safely and would write some lyrics for the track. After taking a few days to process the life-changing events that he and his wife endured, Brett later wrote the lyrics for “We Weren’t Born To Lose.”

The emotionally-charged lyrics bring back gut-wrenching emotions that are unspeakable during that evening. The track reflects both TLUXX and Brett’s feelings about the horrific event. Prior to the second drop, you can hear audio clips under Pemberton’s vocals of people screaming in sheer horror. It nearly brings a tear to my eye. Things like this should not happen in today’s day and age.

Brian and Brett’s track spread a much needed message of love, acceptance, and fearlessness. We mustn’t live our lives in fear; life’s too short for that. As Brett iterates many times in the track, we were not born to lose.

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