When Sunset Music Festival’s initial lineup dropped last week, music lovers all across Florida and beyond were impressed as artists Marshmello, Excision and so many others were revealed. To hype up this lineup even further, the festival just announced that both REZZ and Illenium will also be hosted. This announcement comes just one week after the Phase One lineup dropped an already impressive record of both headlining and supporting acts.

REZZ is well-known in the EDM industry for her futuristic and hypnotizing sound that amazes and excites everyone who listens to her. The Canadian-born DJ and producer released her debut EP in 2015 and has since built herself into one of the most prominent female artists on the scene. With live sets that fans describe as entrancing, REZZ is sure to make a huge addition to this line-up.

Illenium has already made huge strides this 2018, playing festivals such as BUKU in New Orleans and continuing to be a massive addition to many music festival announcements. His incredible spin on future bass and trap takes his fans in a direction like no other. Illenium’s unique sound makes him exactly what the lineup was lacking before.

Check out the official daily lineup below and see why Sunset Music Festival is sure to be a must-see this summer.