Demien Sixx gives us a unique fusion of retro-synth pop with electro-house in his brand new single, “Digital Love.” This song features lead vocals by Ennovi, known for her Beatport hits “Superstar” and “Under Your Spell.”

“Digital Love” is a retro-meets-new age electro track that is full of digital attraction poetry and is destined to attract your attention.

The New York City producer provides a glitchy and energetic stage for Ennovi’s infectious vocals. On top of this, Demien performs this hit in his Mad Max style outfit, equipped with spikes and EL wire lighting for a true retro-futuristic delivery. Does it get any more energetic than that? Be on the lookout for his next show!

Stay tuned for the producer’s forthcoming single, “Thawing Seas,” which he promises to be one of his most energetic tracks to date.

“Sure, it’s all about the great sound, but a club night is not only experienced through your ears. My shows are a multimedia experience delivered to engage all of your senses.” – Demien Sixx

Listen to “Digital Love” below.

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