YDG is a new up-and-comer in the bass scene. His latest track, “Warlords,” on Buygore Records‘ sub-label, Frsh Blood, is a maniacal piece of bass domination. His debut track “1234” was in the Fresh Blood, Vol. 2 compilation album.

With an edgy amount of distortion and an eerie atmosphere, YDG begins “Warlords” without any hesitation. The sonic tonality continues as the sub bass pulsates to the the rhythm effortlessly underneath the kick. Deep strings and aleatoric rises build into the unforgiving drop, which features screaming synths, alarming stabs and a myriad of one shots that enhance the unpredictability of the track.

YDG is based in California and is a newer name to the bass music scene. His productions range from dubstep to trap to melodic bass. He continues to produce invigorating and compelling songs that incite a frequency riot and speak to headbangers everywhere.

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