Celia Pavey, also known as Vera Blue, is a new electro-pop artist who’s already turned Sir Elton John‘s head with her astounding Perennial album. Perennial blends Blue’s folk roots with modern, electronic pop future. She’s now called upon four extraordinarily talented ladies to remix the latest single, “Lady Powers,” from Perennial. “Lady Powers” is currently the No. 4 most played track on Australian radio.

The remixers, Maya Jane Coles, TOKiMONSTA, Alice Ivy, and Maria Marcus, flaunt their myriad of talents with their unique take on “Lady Powers.” The diversity between each track makes each track sound as though it’s part of an entirely different album.

“Lady Powers” is a track that is about women not having to use their sexuality to garner respect. “It’s hard sometimes, especially when you feel vulnerable; you can question who you are to try and suit the desires of another resulting in loss of dignity and self respect,” states Vera Blue about “Lady Powers.” “My friends empower and inspire me, giving me security and confidence to feel strong and worthy. As women we all have lady powers, but we shouldn’t have to use them to feel wanted or respected. We need to respect ourselves. In doing that, we have true lady powers other than just our bodies.”

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