Since 2015, ODESZA has been playing with fans by performing a track that many believed to be a remix of “Make Me Feel Better” every year at Coachella. With no official release, fans have speculated the name of the song and its origin, and have even traded bootleg recordings around the Internet to try to capture its greatness.

Then a couple of months ago on a reddit interview, the guys stated that the “…track is actually an original song we did. Currently calling it ‘Loyal.’ People think it’s a remix of make me feel better because we sampled the same acapella. Not sure if we’ll release it, it’s always just been a fun track we built for the live show.”

Now, we fast forward to week one of Coachella where ODESZA not only delivered an incredible set, but also unveiled [via the Coachella YouTube channel] the first authorized live recording of “Loyal” from their live performance. So if you’ve been dying to get a glimpse into an ODESZA set, buckle up and prepare to witness the magic.

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