With several singles under his name, New York’s Spirit Motel has stepped up to the plate with the release of his debut album, Congruence, and it will hit you directly in the feels.

Two long years in the making, the 11-track collection opens with a stunning future bass introduction. “Inreo,” much like the rest of the album, proves to combine simplicity with scrupulous attention to detail. “Wasted” introduces his superb choice in collaborators; Rachel Geek’s entangling vocals are pristine when paired with Sprit Motel’s heavenly sounds. His versatility shines throughout the rest of the album as he combines transcendental saw synths with powerful use of space and percussion. My personal favorites include the poignant “Vibe Machine” (feat. Oneiric & Stefan Accardo) and the expertly produced “Take Me Down.” “Reckoning” and “Velcro” take a close third and fourth, respectively. After listening, you’ll likely agree that it’s hard to pick a favorite.

In this day and age, it’s not easy to keep listeners entertained throughout a full-length project, but it’s hard to hit the skip button on the atmospheric sounds of Spirit Motel. Press play below.

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