Los Angeles, California-based multi-instrumentalist and producer Sullivan King continues to thrust his elbows to make way as the lead headbanger and mosh pit boss. His previous tracks and collaborations, like “Madness,” “Pit Boss” and “MSHPT,” have quickly positioned him as one of the most versatile artists in the bass music scene. His blending heavy metal and just about every bass music sub-genre under the sun continue to pulverize sound systems around the world. And now he throws his hands in the air, then strikes a chord for his mind-bending Come One, Come All EP on Kannibalen Records.

The burgeoning, genre-bending producer and multi-talent’s seven-track Come One, Come All EP is a myriad of electronic genres, including dubstep, complextro, drum and bass, trap and, of course, heavy metal. It begins with “Dropkick” and “Step Back,” which King released as singles to tease the EP over the last couple of months. It moves into “Begone,” a squelching, cringey and metallic masterpiece that features a hardcore drumstep drop. The transition just before the drop is similar to that of his and Riot Ten‘s “F**k It” collaboration. The middle of the EP slams into “Don’t Go” and “Madeleine Rose.” “Don’t Go” features a deep, bone-rattling bass that wholly floods the low-end, while “Madeleine Rose” shows off King’s future bass, alternative and singer-songwriter tendencies. Lastly, King goes all out with “Run For Your Life” and “Falling.”

Come One, Come All is everything that Sullivan King fans expected and more. Its continuous energy throughout is relentless and easily places him as the reigning pit boss.

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