Jackson Wells, better known by his stage name Quackson, is a Seattle, Washington-based DJ and producer. His roots span much deeper than just spinning discs and writing music. He’s the founder of Seattle-based music and artistic collective Waves Presents, a company that curates electronic music events around the Seattle area.

VVN (pronounced “Vivian”) is a producer based in Los Angeles, California whose sound is extraordinarily experimental. Her specialty is blending genres, especially electronic and orchestral/cinematic pieces. She carves out a unique listening experience for every audio masterpiece she releases.

Drawing inspiration from artists and producers like K?d, REZZ and Zeds Dead, Quackson drops his explosive inspirations in a powerful collaboration with VVN called “Surrender.” This dynamic piece of bass art showcases a myriad of Quackson’s talents. Don’t let the introduction of this track fool you, as it morphs into a relentless bass catapult, launching low frequencies, wubs and energetic synths directly to your ear drums. This is a track that you may need to surrender to.

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