EDEN, an Irish singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and producer, has just recently released his debut album Vertigo. Although EDEN had released several successful EPs prior to this album, Vertigo is his first full-length album. With Vertigo, EDEN has taken a more instinct-driven approach to his songwriting and producing to create a piece of work that he describes as “uncertain and disorienting, yet fluid.”

As well as releasing Vertigo, EDEN has embarked on his Vertigo World Tour, which kicked off on March 1, 2018, in Houston, Texas. In fact, his new set of tour dates have just been announced and can be viewed below.

I had the absolute pleasure to discuss EDEN’s accomplishments with him and what he has planned for the future. Check out the exclusive interview and the new tour dates below:

When did you first know that you wanted to pursue music as a career and not just as a hobby?

There wasn’t really a moment where I was like “Oh yeah I should do music,” it’s just kinda always been there. I’ve said before that music is just a compulsion I would do regardless if it was my job or not. I didn’t just decide one day that I liked to do music, it was something that I always wanted to do and it always made sense that it was something I would do. Before I played music or I was taught to play any instruments, I was always singing. It just made sense that it was something I would do.  

Do you think that being from Dublin, Ireland has influenced your music, and if so, in what way?

Definitely. Not that there’s been an amazing scene around me, but I definitely met some amazing people. I’ve had some instrumental people not necessarily guide me on what I’m doing, but being able to see how they work or seeing their ‘never settle’ approach has been important. The whole media landscape of Ireland was UK- or US-centric and you didn’t hear about Irish bands unless it was U2. It makes you feel like an outsider I guess. We’ve spent so long looking at other people’s cultures and movements in music and fashion. Now, I’m seeing that the Irish music scene is bubbling up and starting to create a community. Especially hip-hop, which has an ‘underdog’ determination to just do what you want to do and be successful at it and not really care what other people have to say. In a way, it’s disregarding what everyone else is doing. I guess, yeah, if it affects me, it’s in that way.  

What changed for you and when did you decide that you wanted to release a full album and not just an EP? Did the idea for the album come first then the creation of the songs or vice versa?

I always wanted to make an album. For a long time, I was too scared, I guess, to even start working on it, because I knew the expectations I had. I made EPs before and I knew how much work went into them. It was really daunting. I didn’t want to start it and feel like I wasn’t doing a good enough job or doing it justice or I wasn’t good enough to produce the song ideas. The album idea has probably been on my mind since 2015, so three and a half years. It’s always been called ‘Vertigo.’ It was an idea for a body of work I wanted to do and I had to find a way to translate it into actual words, notes, and songs. 

I didn’t just have a bunch of songs to be like “Oh yeah this could be an album.”  For me, it was finding a way to translate that idea or that arc or whatever made me feel like, “Yes this is what I want to do” and have that translated into the actual words or notes or songs. Music is an intangible substance and the album was just a daunting task that I was very afraid to start.  

You state that Vertigo is “not a coming-of-age story, but it caused one.” Can you please elaborate? In what areas of your life did you notice this growth?

I’m really into movies. I wanted to make end credits for movies that have the concept of a story arc from start to finish. With ‘Vertigo,’ I wanted to make something that, from start to finish, felt right throughout the whole thing. Initially, my idea was that it would translate into a real piece of music by being kind of a story and then the more music I made the more I realized that I was going through a lot of things personally and pouring a large amount of hours into the album. I guess there were just a lot of things I was going through and it made me grow up a lot, hence the ‘coming-of-age’ reference.

If you could describe vertigo using a season (winter, spring, summer, fall/autumn) what would it be and why? I would pick winter in Austin, Texas (where I grew up and live currently) because its unpredictable and emotional (our winter weather varies a lot; one day it’ll be 85 degrees Fahrenheit the next 35) yet come spring time (when it starts getting hot here) you’ve fallen in love with its fluidity and wish it would last forever!

That’s pretty accurate. Based on where I grew up, I’d say autumn because it goes from being summertime. The best weather in Ireland is June, right when you’re doing exams in school as a kid. The middle of summer is bad weather, then it goes back to being beautiful weather in September when you get back into school and autumn starts. However, I feel like your description of Austin during the winter is more appropriate because it’s very fluid and very disorientating and uncertain..

Other than the release of Vertigo and the Vertigo World Tour do you have anything big planned for 2018?

Touring is taking a lot of my brain power and time. Aside from that, I’m really looking forward to making music again, except for feeling like I have to make another album. I want to make things that are fun to make or work with people who are exciting to work with. I just want to try new things and kind of continue to keep doing things for the love of it, but in a brave way.

Is there any specific aspect of your music or musical career that you want to focus on and/or change in 2018?

I want to take things less seriously, actually. I think it’s all been very serious. Not that being serious is a good or bad thing, but there needs to be a balance. I feel like a lot of the album was spent on not necessarily one emotion, but one mindset. I want to just move on from that. I want to try something new and explore a new area or new way of doing things.

Is there a specific country or festival that you haven’t performed in/at yet that you want to?

I haven’t played at Coachella yet, which I think would be really fun. I would also love to go to South America. I actually have the absolute pleasure of going to Australia and New Zealand in the summer. It’s my first time playing and ever being there. I’ve already done so much; I’ve played Leeds, Bonnaroo, Fuji Rock and Governor’s Ball. I’d love to play in Spain, Poland, and Portugal and play in more places that I haven’t played before. But in terms of what I want to achieve, it’s building on the show that we’ve made so far.

Is there a specific artist that you haven’t worked with yet that you want to?

Most of them, but it depends on the project. Like if I wanted to work with Kendrick Lamar, I’m not going to ask him to rap on something that doesn’t make sense just to work with him. It’s gotta serve the song that we’re working on.

10/02  Vancouver, BC           Vogue Theatre
10/03  Portland, OR              Crystal Ballroom
10/05  Chico, CA                    Senator Theatre
10/06  Sacramento, CA         Ace of Spades
10/09  Santa Cruz, CA           The Catalyst
10/10  Los Angeles, CA         The Theatre at Ace Hotel
10/12  Phoenix, AZ                The Van Buren
10/13  Albuquerque, NM     Sunshine Theater
10/15  Denver, CO                 Ogden Theatre
10/18  Kansas City, MO        The Truman
10/19  St. Louis, MO             The Ready Room
10/20  Chicago, IL                  Riviera Theatre
10/23  Indianapolis, IN         Deluxe @ Old National Centre
10/24  Nashville, TN              Marathon Music Works
10/26  Ft. Lauderdale, FL      Culture Room
10/27  Orlando, FL                The Plaza Live
10/30  Charleston, SC           Music Farm
10/31  Charlotte, NC            The Fillmore
11/02  Pittsburgh, PA            Stage AE
11/03  Baltimore, MD           Rams Head Live!
11/04  New Haven, CT          Toad’s Place
11/06  Providence, RI            Fete Music Hall
11/09  Brooklyn, NY              Brooklyn Steel

Tickets for the fall shows go on sale this Friday, May 4th, at 10 am local time here.

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