DISKORD have returned with a hard-hitting, dubstep/trap hybrid track called “The Maze.” They heighten their unmistakable sound with a superb blend of dubstep and trap elements flawlessly guide you through a maze of bass. This is not a track for those who are faint hearted.

Deep brass stabs, bell plucks, and an uneasy ambience abruptly accompany your journey through “The Maze.” DISKORD unleashes havoc during the drop as they introduce an onslaught of epic, ear-splitting synths, basses, and effects. The drop features dubstep and trap elements, but the rhythm is a slamming drumstep groove. The superhero-esque track guides the listener through an epic array of everything DISKORD.

“This tune has been absolutely killing it in our sets for a while now so we felt it was time to share it with you guys. Hope you enjoy it! Guillermo del Toro is one of our favorite directors. He creates dark twisted fantasies like nobody else. Pan’s Labyrinth is easily one our favorite del Toro movies.”

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