Los Angeles-based songwriter & rapper BLAISE is a new name to the scene with only four songs on his SoundCloud page within the last eight months. But, just because he doesn’t have an elaborate résumé of work doesn’t mean that you can’t identify his soulful sound and memorable songwriting. BLAISE delivers his verses with grace and confident cadences, which pull the listener in on the first note.

On his fourth and most recent track, “Aw Yeah,” he pairs up with the notorious Whethan to deliver his melodies and messages over a cascading beat of groovy percussion, solid bass and silky pads that will indeed have you saying “Aw Yeah” over and over again.

“With the amount of music I’ve written over the past year or two I don’t know where to start.. So I guess this first one is just to get things going. Thank you to everyone who supports me and helps create these songs. Day ones only, good luck have fun!” – BLAISE

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