If Diplo and Sia were to go to space together and take acid, what would it sound like? Well, “Genius” might be the answer. As if that weren’t enough, Labrinth is onboard too, forming one of the most interesting supergroups of recent history.

“Genius” is the first release from LSD, the ridiculously well-working acronym for the trio made up of Labrinth, Sia, and Diplo. The song is the culmination of three immensely distinct styles, creating a sound that might be the next unmistakable vibe. The song has conversational lyrics between Labrinth and Sia, and a similar production aesthetic to Diplo’s newest EP, California.

But wait, there’s more! Next week, the group will be dropping their next single titled “Audio.” While there’s not a set date for its release yet, LSD is scheduled to release a full-length album later this year.

Check out “Genius” on Spotify and Apple Music and watch the music video below: