As our brains and hearts have finally somehow managed to come back down to Earth from this past weekend at Desert Hearts, a techno-heavy lineup featured this year took this author into another dimension. Returning to the festival for the first time in three years, the anticipation of going back to the Los Coyotes Indian Reservation had taken over my mind, body and soul.

Those that know the DH crew and their parties well know that there has been an ample amount of house and tech house performed at their events in the past, but this time around it was techno that made the most lasting impact at the spring fest.

Here are the top six techno sets at DH that transported me from Earth to techno heaven and back.

Evan Casey

A true Desert Hearts OG, Mr. Casey threw down one of my favorite sets of the weekend and by the time he came on, we were on Saturn already. You can only imagine what planet he sent us to on early Monday morning.

Lee Reynolds 

Papa Lee took control and his fusion of disco, ’80s aesthetics and signature quirkiness shone through the dark night. Lee just has “it.” From his attitude to his outfits, Reynolds always leaves me asking, “Where’d he find that track?!”

Serge Devant

Serge kicked things off on the techno side of the spectrum on Sunday night and instantly turned me into an avid fan of Mr. Devant. This sexy set ushered in the techno vibes and prepared us for the onslaught that was to come. Impeccable and just the right amount of tech ensured we had begun the countdown to liftoff with T-minus 24 hours until we came back down to Earth.

Nathan Barato

Nathan was the perfect bridge from Lauren Lane’s house set and went into the night with techno on Sunday evening. Gracing the decks before Serge, Barato turned it up a notch (or 10) and ensured that the DJs that came after him needed to step their game up.


The long-haired man from San Diego epitomized a perfect Desert Hearts early Monday morning set. As he ushered in the fog, his tracks seemed to all gel together as a progressive flow into Trevor Moontribe’s set. The Minimal Sessions artist worked through his selections with ease and had me frothing for more. A commanding presence on the decks, Britton’s track selection is top-tier.

Sacha Robotti

Hands down the best set of the weekend in this particular author’s opinion. I’ve been able to witness Robotti’s masterful sets many times before this weekend, but none of them have even close to the magnitude of this one. Orchestrating an array of sounds and tunes I’ve never heard of that bent my mind, the Sloth was in full form and didn’t miss a beat.

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