Not much is known about the artist Astroglitch, except for the fact that his SoundCloud flaunts only two songs and that his productions are not for the weak of heart. With his dark electro sounds, intense synths and outrageous bass lines, he creates a realm of music that can pump energy into you that you didn’t realize you had.

He recently released “Cyberpunk” with this in the description:

“Cyberpunk -pertains to Both a literary genre and nowadays an attitude or lifestyle “cyber punks” are not only extremely technologically proficient ,but are innately adept at it.They have a desire to know all forms of futuristic technology and the future itself but in this case “cyberpunk” is the name of a robot from the future who slips through a black hole and is forced to live life in todays day and age this song is the story of his evolution over time”

If this has you curious about what you’re missing out on, then peep it below.

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