Lucien Nicolet, also known as Luciano, took to Facebook to talk about the drug addiction that plagued him for the last 20 years: “Today I am one year old… exactly one year ago I started rehab in a place called Dara in Thailand… I kept this in my secret box for almost 22 years.”

Nicolet decided to make this public following the tragic death of Avicii, who died from an apparent suicide. “I wanted to make a point about it because… I felt so close to what happened to Tim [Bergling],” he says. “That loneliness, isolation and especially the feeling of not being understood was generating high levels of anxiety, depression… so like lots of other artists I found a cure to an unexplainable disease through any type of drugs, medicine and alcohol.” 

The last 20 years for Luciano have included nonstop touring. This, of course, can often lead to a lifestyle of drugs and alcohol. However, Nicolet had the support of his team, friends and family to realize he needed help. “It’s almost 130 gigs a year I am doing at the moment,” the Swiss-Chilean artist said. “Thank god I have a precious family, team and friends that help me through the major change… they make sure no one pushes me from that cliff again.” 

We are now seeing that the life of a DJ is not easy or indestructible. It is a lonely, tiresome career that can lead down a path of drugs and depression. Luciano is now advocating for a drug and alcohol free experience for clubbers:  “Remember music is magic, and you don’t need anything else except your heart and imagination to feel this language that connects people together… It took me about six months to remember the many reasons I was going out, and one day it popped into my mind again… the reason we all go out is to laugh and to share.” 

We wish Luciano the best of luck on his recovery and to continue enchanting the world with his beloved fiesta styled tech-house. 

Read Luciano’s full statement below.