Globally renowned electric trio The Glitch Mob has dropped their highly anticipated junior album, See Without Eyes, on their Glass Air Records label.

Boreta (Justin Boreta), edIT (Ed Ma) and Ooah (Joshua Mayer) have put their creative energies to use for their brand new release, which follows their previous LP, and groundbreaking success, Love Death Immortality. Following a short hiatus, the pioneers of modern electronic music are back to leave their mark once again via See Without Eyes.

The brand new 11-track collection is a masterpiece of sound, raw talent and unparalleled dedicated to their craft. In full, it’s a culmination of everything the Los Angeles-based trio has been working towards up until this point, but each track offers a different fragment that contributes to the well-executed Glitch Mob vision. 

The futuristic “Enter Formless” (feat. Rituals of Mine) kicks off the LP in stunning fashion. Intricate instrumentals and distinct synth lines revisit all of the feelings that came with any previous GM release. Next up, “Take Me With You” (feat. Arama) offers a blend of new and old, with rich production, vibrant percussion and overflowing dynamism. One of my personal favorites, the bass-heavy “Disintegrate Slowly,” bursts with energy and pulsing bass lines. As one of several instrumental-only tracks, it acts as a humble brag of the trio’s unmatched production talent.

We are led to “Keep on Breathing” (feat. Tula), which offers an organic soundscape, reverberated vocals and haunting synthesizers. “Come Closer” brings the energy levels to an otherworldly dimension before heading into the previous released fan-favorite “I Could Be Anything” (feat. Elohim), which received a diverse remix from REZZ. “Interbeing” acts as a dark and brooding interlude before “How Could This Be Wrong” (feat. Tula), which has already amassed over 1 million streams. We’re left with “Go Light,” one of the brighter singles of the collection.

Nearing the end, “How Do I Get to Invincible” (feat. Ambre) is a wavy, indie-leaning track that feels reminiscent of a somber “Starve The Ego, Feed The Soul”-inspired mood. Finally, “Way out is In” closes the full-length collection on a captivating note (I’m going to assume some of Boreta’s meditation practices were at play here). The album feels complete, and gratifying to the core.

With three years since their most previous album, it’s clear that The Glitch Mob puts 101% into every one of their releases. They haven’t fallen victim to the instant gratification era, and I think that’s why they continue to flourish as one of the most dominating forces in electronic music. It’s why The Mob continues to be so dedicated after all of these years.

Justin, Ed and Joshua have embarked on an extensive, 38-stop world tour, featuring brand new material from See Without Eyes. The band is performing the tracks live on the custom Blade 2.0 stage that was hand-crafted by the trio and famed set designer Martin Phillips.  

Make sure to catch them on tour–it’s not a show you’ll want to miss. Get ready by listening to The Glitch Mob’s brand new full-length album, See Without Eyes below or view the visual album here. Check out exclusive See Without Eyes merch, including vinyl and digital albums, at

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