Australian singer/lyricist Vanessa Elisha plus London composer LOXE released R&B synth-pop poem “Butter.” Booming blogs HYPEBEAST, The FADER and Pilerats have all recognized Vanessa Elisha’s immense promise, initially sparked by her work with CVIRO, Ekali, Falcons, XXYYXX and GXNXVS. The commanding vocals in “Butter” hybridize a Mariah Carey head voice and Aluna George intonation. Stargazing synthesizers setoff LOXE‘s punchy percussion.

“I wanted to make something a little less dark, a little more fun, a little more sexy,” described Vanessa Elisha. “I was listening to artists on SoundCloud and came across this UK producer, LOXE and felt like he was the perfect blend of R&B and 80’s pop. I was listening to a lot of Janet Jackson for the first time as an adult. I never realized how provocative and dirty some of her songs were – in the best kind of way; that probably steered me into making ‘Butter.'”

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