William Benjamin Bensussen, also known as The Gaslamp Killer, took to Facebook today to talk about the rape allegations that have been hovering over him for the last six months. Last October, Ms. Chelsea Tadros made alleged claims on Twitter that her and her friend, RaeAn Medina, were both drugged during a daytime pool party, kidnapped and then raped by Bensussen on July 5, 2013.

Bensussen has stayed quiet for a long time, but that is only because he has entered a defamation suit again Tadros and could not speak due to legal reasons. The 35 year old wholeheartedly denies these allegations and unlike most deniers in the #MeToo Movement, he has concrete evidence to prove his innocence.

First, the judge in the case has identified many inconsistencies in Tadros’ claim and has said that the statement “contains a provably false assertion of fact that [I] drugged and raped Tadros.”

Secondly, a toxicology expert who specializes in date rape cases stated that Tadro’s account of what happened five years ago is “virtually impossible.”

Third, an eye witness’ sworn statement contradicts the claim made by Tadros. The witness is also a friend of Medina’s and has had limited contact with Bensussen.

Fourth, there were never any criminal charges brought against Bensussen. This, however, does not automatically prove innocence but is a useful tidbit.

Lastly, the former roommate of Bensussen stated, under oath, that both Tadros and Medina entered and exited the home at their own will.

Bensussen concluded the post by writing just how much his life as been altered by this single Tweet. He has received hundreds of death threats and has lost much of what he has worked so hard to achieve over the last 20 years.

“The damage done to my life, my friendships, my reputation, and my career is irreversible.”

It seems that Bensussen handled these allegations in a respectable and mature way. He did not insult the alleged victims or call this whole thing a “witch hunt,” but instead used objectivity to prove his innocence. Unless Tadro can show some bombshell new evidence, it appears that this is simple liable that ruined The Gaslamp Killer’s career.

Found below are court statements: