Brillz has recently debuted his brand new project, LSDREAM, and it’s one of the most riveting aliases to come out of dance music in recent years. The trap-turned-experimental bass music producer has focused all of efforts towards his brand new alias, which showcases a spiritual awakening of sound. His brain-melting frequencies are transformed into an acid trip of 100 BPM hysteria, complete with an audio/visual experience, deep symbolism and a newly refreshed motivation to create.

The first single from LSDREAM, “AWAKE.EKE,” was revealed on Wakaan’s recent Convoy compilation, and now he is gearing up for his full-length album release coming this Friday. The 10-track album is a journey through time and space by way of ethereal vocals, stabbing drums and more bass than you could dream of.

We teamed up with the man behind LSDREAM to chat about the influences behind the new project, his goals, what’s ahead for Brillz and Twonk and more. Check it out, along with an exclusive first listen of “TEN OF PENTACLES” off of the forthcoming album below. Voyager will be landing on Earth Friday, May 18.

Hey there! Thanks for chatting with us today. Where would we find you at this exact moment?

Literally? I’m sitting in my studio right now, which I have recently nicknamed the “Fortress of Solitude,” inspired by the Superman movies, and also one of my favorite books, ‘Letters to a Young Poet by Rainer Marie Rilke.’

Many people know you as trap producer Brillz, but you will be releasing your debut album as LSDREAM next week. While some people are still catching on, the connection between the two is pretty public. Was there any part of you that considered remaining anonymous?

NO. The LSDREAM project is all about expressing authentic truth. I have nothing to hide. This is who I am, no gimmicks, no fabricated mysteries or anonymous mind games type beat.

What inspired the creation of LSDREAM and do you remember the exact moment you had the initial idea?

The inspiration for the project comes from 2 sources. The first is my personal passion and purpose as human, to spread light and love, to be a force of positivity on this planet, using my talents and artistic expressions, to hopefully, affect people in a positive, uplifting way. The second source of the inspirations comes from a mix of interests in spirituality, tarot, crystals, energy work, ancient civilizations, and science, futurism, A.I., and technology. Originally, LSDREAM, was going to be the concept of the Brillz Album I was working on in 2017. Towards the end of the year, it became clear this was its own project, and that I had even more to say and musically, my style and direction was evolving into a new dimension. It took on a life of its own.

Everyone seems to be focused on singles these days, but you’re coming out full force with a full-length album. What is your objective with that?

This is an albums project. I LOVE to create a body of work. It’s more meaningful and rewarding for me. I have stories to tell, different emotions to express, and a journey I want you to join me on. I have already started writing the next album.

While you’re focusing on LSDREAM, it still seems like you’re keeping the Twonk label alive and well. Do you plan to keep the label running, and if so, what are your future plans for it?

I owe the artists that have released music with Twonk in the past year to keep the label operating and keep all of that music alive and visible. All of these artists are extremely talented and I have much respect for them. I’m very proud of what I was able to achieve and create with Twonk. I’m not sure how it will evolve in the future. Most of my current focus is on the new project.

On 4/20, you released “Awake.exe” off of the upcoming album with Wakaan. It was shared with an official video that you visually produced and directed alongside Winterhalter. Was that more of a challenging or rewarding experience for you?

It was one of the most rewarding experiences I’ve had and from that experience, taught myself Premiere Pro so I could dive into the video world and do projects on my own. I learned so much from that and working with Winterhalter is something I would do again in a heartbeat. The way we approached it was the best part. We got together and wrote the video and visual story first, made a mood board, and THEN I wrote the music to it. Even after we had the first edit, I went back into the music and re-wrote and edited parts to match the emotion in the video even more. It was a cross between film scoring and a standard music video approach.

You will be releasing your full album with Wakaan as well. How did that relationship come to be?

I had this intuitive feeling that I should call Martin (Liquid Stranger) and tell him about my new project, send him some music. There was some spiritual pull I was feeling towards Wakaan even though I couldn’t exactly verbalize why back then. The first time we talked on the phone, we had a three-hour conversation about the deepest and most beautiful things. I knew when I hung up it was going to be a special relationship. He has really created something special there and our underlying message is very in sync. He was the first person I shared the project and early demos with.

What is the LSDREAM live show like, and will we be able to experience it anytime soon?

The live show I’m creating is an audio/visual experience. I’m editing visual pieces for every song, with their own theme and story, and there is an overarching story to whole show that parallels the album. It’s one giant music video, art film, trippy visual mindfuck! I’m editing it all myself too, which is another reason why I decided to learn Premiere Pro. Musically, it mirrors the album. There’s mid tempo bass moments, heavy half time bass music, some ethereal dreamy moments. No one will be able to replicate this experience. I’ll announce a debut date for the show very soon.

It seems like midtempo is the genre of 2018. Was its recent rise in popularity contributing factor in the creation of LSDREAM?

I have always loved that tempo range, even since I was a youth, listening to Nine Inch Nails all the way to Daft Punk. The record that made me buy my first synth /drum machine in 2002 was Mr. Oizo, When Analog Worms Attack. Even on my very first Brillz album in 2013, I was down in the 100bpm range experimenting with songs like “Pump The Beat” and “Ratchet Bitch,” just with a hip-hop infused inspiration. Once I started going back into my early influences, developing my new sound, and simultaneously hearing this space opening up in current dance music, I became super inspired and a lot of my new music just poured out of me.

You said, “Some things must die for new things to be born.” Is Brillz a thing of the past?

Yes. Even though that chapter has ended, it will always be sacred and a very special, monumental time in my life.

Finally, we are so excited to be sharing “Ten of Pentacles” today. What is the ideal environment to listen to this track?

This is the ideal experience for the whole album: The album is 60 minutes. TURN YOUR PHONE OFF. Light some sage, clear out all the energy in your space. Light some incense. Light a candle. Dim the Lights. Grab your favorite headphones, or get in front of your favorite speakers. If you’re on a computer, you can go to YouTube and throw on some trippy visuals (with the sound off obviously) and go on the journey. Listen to it in order. Lay down if you want. Dance around if you want. If you make art, draw, paint, do graphics, visuals, etc., create something while you’re listening to it.

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