North Carolina native Ray Volpe, is quickly working his way up the bass music ladder. His No Emotion Allowed EP shook things up with three eclectic tracks. Now, the EP receives equally as powerful remixes from Oliverse, Warez, Benda, LUX, Algo, Reach, and Yakz & Somnium Sound.

Beginning with Oliverse and Warez’s remix of “Rave Rage,” the emotions already begin to set in, even though they’re not allowed. Benda and LUX move into the spotlight with devastating flips of “Showtime.” Lastly, the remixes pick up wetter props with both Algo and Reach’s remix of “Wet Napkin.” To up the urge to become filled with emotion, Yakz and Somnium Sound have tossed in a riddim remix of “Wet Napkin.” Each remix slams the limiters with blistering basses, groovy rhythms, and squelching synths that are peppered throughout.

Download the No Emotions Allowed remixes here.

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