Ganzfeld: A technique of controlled sensory input used in parapsychology with the aim of improving results in tests of telepathy and other paranormal phenomena.

Division Recordings delivered sound design connoisseur Noer the Boy‘s Ganzfeld, an experimental bass extended play. Ganzfeld’s appeal transcends these odd sounds blaring through your overpriced headphones; each second of every song stands on its own, Noer the Boy’s true accomplishment.

Radio static imbues “Zaroff,” a fast and furious excursion. Incessant chatter entraps the flesh-eating beat in “Apex Chase.” Succeeding my bout with “Tour,” I concluded Noer the Boy’s Noah Savoie should definitely pursue a career as a Russian spy like Natasha and Boris.

Collective Courteous Family and DJ Shadow’s Liquid Amber adopted the Appleton, Wisconsin native/Portland transplant. Savoie is chummy with WAKAAN associates Esseks, Yheti, Toadface, Shlump and Champagne Drip.

“The Ganzfeld EP represents my growth as an artist, focussing on rhythmic restraint, melodic development and experimental sound design,” said Noer the Boy. “The EP is named after the Ganzfeld Effect, a phenomenon caused by exposure to an unstructured and constant stimulation field. The brain attempts to fill the missing visual information by boosting neural noise, which results in hallucinations. The world that Ganzfeld exists in is a series of hallucinatory adventures, with each song being an episode in the journey.

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