Sam Norris, better known as Teminite, has been one of the faces of underground melodic dubstep for quite some time. With mind-numbingly complex pieces, intricate melodies and unprecedented sound design, the 21-year-old bass music composer is certainly a force to be reckoned with. Now, the Leeds, United Kingdom-based bass music phenomenon teams up with Evilwave to slither through your speakers with a destructive piece called “Rattlesnake.”

Like every Teminite track, “Rattlesnake” comes with an unexpected surprise. The track is the third off of his 10-track album titled Uprising, which is being released in installments between May and October of 2018. Teminite and Evilwave begin chasing the “Rattlesnake” with a subtle piano. Unique Egyptian snake charming riffs in the strings allow them to catch up and charm the snake. The charm isn’t quite enough, and the drop injects screaming synths, throbbing basses and jaw-dropping percussion elements into your veins. The venom continues coursing through your body for an entire three minutes and 40 seconds, ravaging and ensuring every major organ is rattled on its path.

Norris continues to take the uprising melodic dubstep alias to new heights through mind-numbing originals like “Highscore,” “Senses Overload” and “Flight.” The forthcoming Uprising album will continue the diversification of the United Kingdom producer’s sound. Additionally, collaborators like Said, Chime, PsoGnar, Georgia Denham and Jonah Hitchens will be featured. “Party Time” and “Uprising” kicked off the album with a tremendous response from fans.

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