Today, Kailee Morgue unleashes her new single, “Do You Feel This Way” (feat. Whethan).

Showcasing Morgue’s signature dark pop sound alongside Whethan’s electronic flair, the track is a brooding taste of romantic uncertainty. The songstress’ emotionally charged and deep-rooted lyrics tap into a meaningful level of pop music that isn’t commonly reached.  “Do You Feel This Way” follows Morgue’s latest single, “F**k U,” and her 2017 breakout hit, “Medusa.”

Of the song, Morgue says, “This is one of my favorite songs I’ve made because it is off axis just enough to blur my perspective between haunting and inviting. Teaming up with Whethan brought the perfect blend of hazy lethargy and upbeat skepticism to the track. It captures the unease of that feeling of not knowing how someone truly feels about you, and it still always makes me want to move when I hear it—it’s so fun to perform.”

Stream/download “Do You Feel This Way” here.