A compelling auditory journey through sound is something music lovers yearn for. With ye.‘s new single, “forever side,” off of his forthcoming trails EP, the 20-year-old Syracuse, New York-based producer enlightens the trail and guides the listener through a blissful sonic adventure, fulfilling every dream that may twinkle in the mind.

Exotic pads, advantageous sidechain compression and invigorating melodies piece together what may be the most otherworldly experimental electronic of 2018. A high-pitched arpeggio effectively plays throughout “forever side,” while ye. becomes playful with percussive elements and basses. Ye. implements heavy percussive pieces into “forever side” but keeps the heavy contrast between subtlety and demanding attention balanced flawlessly.

With a collective amount of over 30 million streams across YouTube, Spotify and SoundCloud through originals like “Breath” and remixes for THEY.‘s “Truth Be Told,” ye. has proven that he has what it takes to stand out amongst the noise. His sound and vision continue to draw inspiration from his “woodsy” upbringing, while rhythmic vocal chops and catchy hooks reel the listener in. Ye. will remain on the forever side if he keeps going at this pace.

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