Godlands is one name to look out for, and anyone who has heard her productions or caught a performance can agree. The bossy Aussie queen is the full package; from her insane trap productions to her killer sense of style and high-energy stage presence, it’s clear that she is exactly what the bass scene has been missing.

The Adelaide-based DJ/producer/promoter and former radio host released her debut single, “Finally,” in 2017 and has continued to throw hit after hit at us. Her metallic hip-hop influenced trap sound has landed her highly coveted spots on Australia’s biggest lineups, including Splendour in the Grass Festival 2018, Listen Out and more. 

We teamed up with the buzzing DJ/producer in the middle of her ‘Pleasures’ tour for an exclusive interview and guest mix. You’ll want to stream this one.

Hey! Thanks for chatting with us today. You’re coming up on the tail end of your ‘Pleasures Tour.’ How has that been going for you?

Thanks for having me guys! Yeah it’s been incredible so far, I’ve had some major parties and everyone has got around it.

Where did the name ‘Godlands’ come from?

I really wanted a name that wasn’t easy to determine what I looked like if that makes sense? I didn’t want anything feminine because that’s not me but I also didn’t want something too dark or mechanical. I suppose fluidity is the word I’m looking for.

I originally wanted ‘Badlands’ however that was obviously connected with so many other things so we ditched that idea. I really liked the ‘lands’ part of the name so we just started throwing around a bunch of words and ‘god’ ended up being my favourite to make ‘Godlands’. A super constructed way of creating a name haha! but it works and it’s different.

Based on your mix, it seems like you have your ear to the underground with a good balance of keeping well-known tunes in rotation as well. Where do you usually look to find new material for your sets?

I love all forms of trap and bass music and I like to add as much as it as I can into my mixes as long as it makes sense. I’m an avid fan of SoundCloud and I always troll through pages and pages of music, I always like to look at my favourite artists and see what they have liked or reposted on their SoundCloud pages. It usually to leads me to discovering new artists and secret gems.

It seems like you have a great sense for fashion trends, while making them your own. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone perform in ski goggles! What are some of your go-to brands?

Ha! Got to keep you on your toes 😉 I like to have a good mix of vintage and actual brands. I love Pleasures which is actually what I named my song after simply because I was wearing their shirt while I made the song haha. I’m really feeling the Kangol bucket hats atm and basically any brand that has cool pants. I’m a pants gal.

You have some pretty badass tattoos as well. What are some of your favorites?

I really love my ‘1992’ stomach tattoo, it hurt like a bitch. Also my black rose on my forearm and my falcon.

You’ve been DJing for about 8 years now and producing for about 4, correct? Looking back, are you glad that you took that time to perfect your mixing and production styles before presenting your sound to the world?

100%. I think it got to a point with DJing that I knew that I could only get so far and that’s when I started producing. I love DJing and performing and I think having that extra confidence with those 8 years of DJing gives me a chance to be extra on stage and allows me to interact with the crowd more, which is super important to me.

You created a party called ‘So Far Gone’ in AUS. Can you tell us more about that?

It’s basically a hip hop night my friend Dan and I created. Originally, it was a monthly party dedicating a night to a particular rapper/rnb artist. We’ve done some pretty crazy stuff, we created our own hotline bling box – Dillon Francis actually came through and had a bit of a boogie in it. It was pretty sick.

You’ve said in the past that you want to prove you are not a one-trick pony. What do you have up your sleeve for upcoming releases?

I really want to have fun with genres, I’m wanting to touch on hip hop more so I’ll dabble in that area a bit.

Is there anyone you’d love to work with in the next 1-5 years?

The dream would be RL Grime, What So Not, Quix, Boombox Cartel, Baauer… all of these artists have influenced me in one way or another.

When will we see you come to the states?

I’m hoping next year if all goes well haha! Only if you’ll have me that is 🙂

Finally, what will we be hearing in your mix today?

A mixture of styles, basically music you wanna headbang to.


Godlands – “Everybody Knows” 
t1r – ID 
sfam & vide – “trash” 
episcool & ensu – “spam” 
Lil Wayne – “6 Foot 7 Foot” (Y2K Remix) 
TYNAN – “Somewhere Somehow” 
KIONNE – “Roll One” 
TNGHT – “Obsession” (baht remake) x Tinie Tempa – “Next Hype” 
Yvng Jalapeño – “ODI” 
A$AP Ferg – “East Coast” (Yehme2 X WHIPPED CREAM Bootleg)
EPTIC -“The End” (YOOKiE Live Edit) 
ROUND2 – “Hit Me” 
ID – “Lick It” 
LIZ – “When I Rule The World” (SORTAGOTH Remix) 
RL Grime – “I Wanna Know” (TWERL Remix) 
Godlands – “Pleasures”

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